Afro Vita Maize Flour

Maize Flour

Maize flour is used to make bread, muffins, doughnuts, pancake mixes, infant foods, biscuits, wafers, breakfast cereals and breading, and as a filler, binder and carrier in meat products. Dry-milled maize flour is not to be confused with ‘cornflour’, the term used in the United Kingdom for maize starch obtained as a product of maize wet milling.

The inclusion of maize flour in composite flour used for bread making and its use alone to make bread of a sort in Latin America are mentioned in Chapter 8. The use of maize flour, in blends with wheat semolina, to make pasta products is mentioned elsewhere in the book, and for making extrusion-cooked ready-to-eat breakfast cereals.


Typical Composition (as is) Typical Particle-Size Distribution
Component Percent U.S. Sieve Percent
Moisture 11.5 On 20 0
Protein 6.5 On 30 1
Oil 1.0 On 35 8
Fiber (crude) 0.5 On 40 54
Ash 0.4 On 60 35
    Thru 60 2
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